Arabic Learning Resources


We recommend our brothers and sisters to attend all the classes of our Ustaadh Fahad Al Tahiri (May Allah preserve him).Inshalllah , the below links are other useful resources to learn the arabic language apart from Ustaadh Fahad Al Tahiri’s classes.

Inshalllah this section will updated with more resources bithnilllah..

1. Dr V Abdur Raheem’s blog :

Dr V Abdur Raheem (May Allah preserve him) is an outstanding scholar of arabic language and literature, having more than 50 years of teaching experience. He has authored many books out of which are his famous book دروسُ اللغةِ العربيةِ لـغير الناطقين بـها Durûs al-Lughah al-‘Arabiyyah  li-Ghair al-Nâtiqîna Bihâ. (Now these books are popularly known throughout the world as “MADINAH BOOKS”.)

His books have no copyrights and can be downloaded for free !!

You can watch Dr V Abdur Raheem handling the sessions in here ( ,  choose advanced , then choose dvd1) .

2. Brother Abu Afnan Mohammad’s website:

The brother Abu Afnan Mohammad from Jubail (Saudi Arabia) is currently taking arabic classes based on the curriculum of Madeena books which is mentioned above. He has been recommended to us by Shaykh Mohammad Ramzan Al Haajaree – hafidhahullaah – and has a good background in the Arabic language.

You can add Akh Abu Afnan in wiziq

3. Lisaanul ‘Arab forum : This is a beneficial site which has beneficial notes on Sarf , nahw and other disucssions on Sarf and Nahw..

4. The Quranic Arabic Corpus : It is a linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran .

5. Sarf4Sisters :  This is the blog which is set up by the sisters to post notes based on  Ustaadh Fahad’s (May Allah preserve him) class. May Allah reward the sisters for their meticulous efforts..

(More resources on Arabic text’s, dictionaries will be updated …inshalllah)

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