Warning To Those That Spread The Writings Of The Ignorant

Warning To Those That Spread The Writings Of The Ignorant   by Imam ash-Shawkani

“And if this individual who is relating from those who are not experts in the field, does not know that those he is relating from are incapable of distinguishing (authentic from weak), then he is ignorant and therefore not qualified to speak about Allah’s Commands . Therefore, he is deserving of punishment from Allah for speaking about the Shariah while being at this level at which a person is not even qualified to discuss the words of some scholar, so how about those of Allah and His Messenger?! So away with those who transgress against Allah and His Shariah by putting forward to the people writings of those who are not qualified.

This practice has become common with a group of those who are well known for their knowledge of the issues of Fiqh, which are mixed with opinions, if not based mostly on them. They put themselves forward to teach students this science, and then their egos become very large when they find people gathering around them and the common people adopting their views in their religious practices.

Then those who are more ignorant than them and having less standing than them take them and spread them throughout the world. As a result, a great calamity results for the Islamic religion. The one responsible for it, due to his ignorance, thinks that he has performed one of the greatest acts for drawing nearer to Allah, while his belief is false and he is deserving of Allah’s Wrath and His Punishment. This is because he has adorned himself with that which if not befitting him and entered into that which he ought not to enter. He has entered his ignorance into the most noble of affairs in which the need for knowledge and precision is the greatest. ”

Adab at-Talab Wa Muntaha al-Arab pgs 76-79 by Imam ash-Shawkani
Translated by Abu Bakr ibn Nasi

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