KIU Scholarship Opportunity for Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies Online

KIU Scholarship Opportunity for Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies Online – Apply Now

KIU is excited to offer a great opportunity for new students to apply for a full scholarship entitling the successful candidate to study the entire Online BA Islamic Studies degree without the need to pay for tuition fees. (Normally fees are $975 USD a semester).

The student will enjoy the privilege of studying a well structured online BA degree programme in Islamic Studies taught by some of the leading scholars and Western Educators. All this will be provided free of charge for the successful scholarship applicants.

While the degree programme is open to everyone, KIU encourages only the dedicated and committed students to apply for the scholarship. The degree requires an average of 10-15 hours of committed time a week necessary to read through the materials, complete the online videos and assessments.


How to apply for the Full scholarship

To apply for the full scholarship the student will need to complete the following requirements.
1. Complete the KIU Scholarship application form in full

2. Complete the KIU Summer 2012 Programme comprising 2 courses and successfully pass the set exams. The two courses include

 – Usool Ath-Thalaathah

 – Islamic Finance from the book Manahj As-saalikeen

(You may also need to complete an interview)

At the end of the scholarhsip programme the KIU selection committee will then work through all submitted applications and will determine suitable candidates to award a full scholarship.


Scholarship Application

All applicants must complete the scholarship application form to register their interest for the full KIU scholarship.

Once the application form has been completed, the student will receive a username and password granting access to the KIU student portal and the Summer course.



—>> click here to access Full scholarship application form <<—


Please note the completion of this course and exam is mandatory for anyone wishing to apply for the scholarhsip.

Once the applicant has successfully completed the Scholarship application form – instructions will be provided on how to proceed with the course.


Important Note: simply reading the set text will not suffice for the exam – many questions are based on what is taught in the lectures.

Applicants will need to score a minimum mark of 70% or above to be eligible for the scholarship.

Terms & conditions

– Applicants need to have a high school / college certificate to apply for the Online BA degree in Islamic Studies

– This offer is only open to students who will commit to full-time study for the duration of the 4 year programme (Scholarships do not cover part-time studies).

– Applicants understand that an average of 10-15 hours of study is required on a weekly basis (up to 14 weeks in a semester) to complete the semester.

– This offer is not open to existing students of KIU.

– Students who are awarded a full scholarship are expected to maintain a 75% attendance in all live sessions or the scholarship may be revoked.


Forward this details to those who will benefit from this..!!

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