Islamic Foundation Course : Session1&2

Session taken by Ustaadh FahadAlTaahiri(May Allah preserve him)

Course Description

Semester One:
Subject One: Principles in Tawheed and Fiqh
Subject Two: Principles of Nahw and Sarf
Subject One:
Classes will on both Fridays and Saturdays, under a plan to make a day for Tawheed and a day for Fiqh every week, and this is besides the Arabic.

Tawheed and Jurisprudence Course:
The Course Outcomes:
1- The student should build from this course the foundation of his religion, which he was created for, by fully understanding all that has to do with the first Pillar of Islam, the witness that no Deity has the right to be worshiped but Allah, and that Mohammad is His slave and messenger.
2- Being fully aware of what enters into Islam, and what nullifies it, and knowing all the acts which affect your Belief either by lessening it, or negating it.
3- Knowing the basics of Jurisprudence, Starting from purification, and ending with Prayer, and fasting.
4- Being aware of the main illnesses of the Heart, and how they affect the outward behavior of a Muslim, thus avoiding them, and acting upon the etiquettes of Islam.
5- Prepared to call to Allah, with wisdom and by that which is best, by learning the principles of Islam in enjoining good and forbidding evil.

Course Outlines:
The course is considered to be Principles, definitions, and beneficial key points regarding the following:
1- The Sources of Evidence in Islam
2- The Terminology of Tawheed, and Shirk in Islam
3- The Levels of achieving one’s Tawheed
4- Levels of acts effecting Tawheed
5- Understanding Worship, and its Rules
6- Ideology of Preserving Monotheism
7- The Five Pillars of Eemaan
8- The Correct Belief regarding the Companions
9- Allah’s Names and Attributes
10- Chapters of Purification
11- Chapters of Prayer
12- Chapters of Islamic etiquettes
13- Chapters of etiquettes of seeking knowledge
Subject Two:
• Morphology and Grammar Course (Professional Arabic):
Course Outcomes:
1- The student would mainly be able to use the Verbs in their different forms and in sentences in a correct manner.
2- Through mastering the principles the student would eventually be prepared to produce his own words by himself simply by knowing the root word, instead of memorizing many words without knowing any principles to relate them to.
3- The student would fairly be prepared to ponder on the verses or Qur’an or any other text he wishes, and recognize the word combinations.
Course Outlines:
1- The History of Arabic Sciences
2- Why Arabic is a condition to understanding Islam
3- The Ideology of Arabic Sciences
4- The Arabic words and its types
5- The verbs and its types
6- The forms and how they are studied
7- The Conjugations of Verbs, with and without pronouns
8- The Basic rulings of Pillars in Sentences
9- Applying studied Ruling on a memorized Text:
a. The Qur’an
b. The Four Fundamental Principles

Language of instruction: English

Cost: Free

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1. IslamicFundamentalCourse- Class1

2. IslamicFundamentalCourse- Class2




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