The Four Fundamental Principles

Explanation of The Four Fundamental Principles


Ustaadh Fahad Al Tahiri 

Explanation of the Four Fundamental Principles

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About the CD:

All praises are due to Allah alone and let the peace and blessings of Allah be on his last prophet and on all of those who follow the path of righteousness until the last day.

This cd contains the explanation of the book , “Al Qawaid Al Araba “ [The Four fundamental principles ] by Sheikh Abudllah bin wahhab (May Allah have mercy on him) .
The explanation is given by Ustaadh Fahad Al Tahiri (May Allah protect him) .
The lucid and concise explanation along with Q and A at the end of each session, makes comprehension of the subject ease.
The CD contains 10 Mp3 audios of the explanation and a  small part of the recitation of the Mathn by Ustaadh Fahad Al Tahiri is also included to facilitate memorization of the Mathn along with printable form of the mathn in pdf format.

The mathn was beautifully typed and color coded by,for aiding memorization along with parallel translation of the text.



We ask Allah to reward the author of the book and the teacher Ustaadh Fahad immensely.

[Note: This CD has no Copy Rights, you can share the contents of the CD as long as they are

not tampered.No part of this CD should be used in making any monitary gains.]


All the wiziq sessions of this can be downloaded in a single zip file , which can be found in the below site:


password: ilmularabiyyah123


We ask Allah to keep us on the straight path until the last day.


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